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Our research is focused on innovation in the area of design of energy efficient, high performance, secure VLSI systems.  Special emphasis is placed on co-design across levels of VLSI design abstraction, including design methodologies,  system architectures, algorithms, circuits, and emerging devices. On-going work spans design of vertical power delivery, artificially intelligent hardware, hardware security, and shifting electronic design automation paradigms through learning.

Our work is supported by the following recent grants:

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04/2024: Congratulations for their accepted GLSVLSI papers!
* Rami, “An Embedded Multi-Layer Spiral Square Inductor for Integrated Power Delivery – Physical Design and Analytical Models” (oral presentation),
* Mohamed and Salma, “An Analytical Model for High-Frequency Through Silicon Vias” (poster presentation),
* Sriharini and Yaroslav, “System Architecture Optimization for Vertical Power Delivery” (LBR poster presentation) 

03/2024: Congratulations to Dmitry on his accepted TCAD paper titled “Netwise Detection of Hardware Trojans Using Scalable Convolution of Graph Embedding Clouds”!

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